Wintermelon Flower Boys

I have shy wintermelon flower boys in my garden. They were hiding behind 2 big leaves! Here is one on the right:

And here is the other, below:






We’re now waiting for the wintermelon flowergirls!

Finally! Girls!

Finally I have girl pumpkin flowers! I think it is because my new friend staying with us is a girl!

One flower is huge (right) and you can see the shape of the pumpkin at the base of the flower. We think it is a butternut. We pollinated it this morning!

The other one on the other pumpkin vine is tiny and is turning yellow. I don’t think it will make it. See (below)?

Mummy is very happy but nervous because she really, really wants a pumpkin.

Here’s a riddle for you. What do you get if you cross a pumpkin and a plum?

A plumpkin! Wouldn’t that be yummy???

Lettuce Farming

My new friend who is staying with us for a week harvested some lettuce with me. Actually Mummy said to thin out the lettuces but we got excited and pulled them ALL OUT. Here is our harvest. The photo is blurry because Grandma took it and she is not too good at phones and cameras.

Anyway, here is the lettuce cooked for my dinner. My new friend does not like vegetables so she dumped it all on my plate! We told her to tell all her friends back home that in Singapore, she had to harvest her own food or not have anything to eat!

Singapore Flyer Visit with Visitor

I have a new friend who is visiting my school for a week, and she is staying in my house! Yesterday we went to the Singapore Flyer. Guess what we saw? In the eco-garden, we saw plenty of powdery mildew, black soot and mealy bugs! Their gardeners are not doing a Good Job.








Anyway, here is a photo of me and my new friend feeding the fish at the Flyer. The fish food was very expensive! $1 for a small handful!

MY Winged Beans

Do you remember I told you about my visit to the Curious Gardener? And I also told you she gave me a fresh winged bean pod and I got 4 seeds out of it? Well, all of them germinated within 8 days! That is one week and one day! That is as fast as a rabbit (kangkong is as fast as a jaguar)! It is because the seeds were fresh and also the pod ripened on the vine.

They have to share the screens with the bittergourd and angled luffa.