The Big Sister’s Birthday Party

The Big Sister had her birthday party on Saturday. Mummy and Daddy left me at home to supervise and to serve dessert and drinks. They went out to eat durian. About 30 people came. One of The Big Sister’s friends banged into my frangipani and knocked off some leaves and flowers.

What offence against the Penal Code is that? Vandalism! And do you know,  The Big Sister’s friend was worried that he would get a rash from the frangipani sap. I should have asked him to lick it off.

Anyway, in the end The Big Sister’s friend was very apologetic.

It was a GREAT party!

4 thoughts on “The Big Sister’s Birthday Party

  1. hey Weed! im so sorry about your frangipani 😦 i didnt mean to vandalize your garden or commit an offense against the Penal Code. when’s your birthday? i shall buy you a new small frangipani. a white one so that you can increase your plant variation. a Plumeria Pudica 🙂

    • Hi The Big Sister’s Friend. It’s OK! I can’t tell you my birthday on my blog (but you can ask The Big Sister). I don’t really want another frangipani, thank you. I am now a vegetable farmer! From the Weed.

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