Caterpillar Eggs or Poop?


Beautiful Gardens by the Bay

I got a VIP invitation to the opening ceremony of Gardens on the Bay!!! The Big Sister says the VIP stands for Very Important Pest. That is not nice. Anyway, I was allowed to bring a guest so I invited Novice Gardener, so yesterday Novice Gardener and I (and Mummy and Grandpa) went to the Gardens by the Bay.

Novice Gardener has blogged about our visit already! But don’t worry, you know how the Bible has the 4 gospels, Matthew Mark Luke John (in our family we have Mark Luke John) and they all tell the same story except in their own way? Well,  you can compare her story and mine!  I am too lazy to tell a story but here are the photos!

First the flowers:

Then the supertrees (they are solar generators and produce enough electricity for airconditioning the domes!) and the view from the Skywalk:

Desertlike plants (it was freezing in the desert section):

Then finally, here I am (my back) on a lion (wooden). There were many sweet wooden animals all around the Gardens! And last of all, my artistic sunset shot!