The Flight of the Tree Lizard

The Big Sister plays something that is called the flight of the bumble bee on her cello. Her bumble bee must not be the speedy-type I suspect.

Today, a tree lizard came to visit me. Here it is, on the long beans, from the top and then from its belly side:

Goodness, doesn’t it look like a snake from its belly side? I went to a snake farm when I was in Thailand. Mummy screamed when one of the snakes escaped! So did 3 Japanese men. I was very quiet [Note from Mother Weed: snake got his tongue!].

Then it jumped into the new lavender eggplant trough, and from there to the wintermelons:

And…. finally, here it is on the fence between our garden and our neighbour’s!


3 thoughts on “The Flight of the Tree Lizard

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