Mealy Horrors

Just look at my turkish orange eggplant leaf!

One Down, One to Go

I have 2 troughs of sharks fin melons, the ones from Godma’s market melon, and the one from phoodietravelogue. The one from Godma never produced anything but leaves. The one from phoodietravelogue produced what looked like flower buds, but they never became flowers.

Mummy accidentally on purpose got rid of the entire trough of Godma’s market melon plants. She is still muttering about plants’ jobs producing fruit and not just wasting her space and oxygen. She also mutters something similar about children’s jobs producing good results at school.

Anyway, it looks like the logo I designed for phoodietravelogue and my sharks fin melon business won’t be used.

I am Selling Seedlings!

My Primary One teacher suggested that I could use my gardening interest to raise money for the Rainbow Centre for children with special needs. Since I love to germinate seedlings, and I have a lot of seeds, I am now offering seedlings for sale at $1 per cup (1 or 2 seedlings per cup, depending on Mummy’s mood).

I will offer a senior citizen’s (over 90 years old) discount of 50%.

Currently, this is my inventory:

 Cucumber from the Paid Gardener, fast growing! It germinated in a day. Here they are lined up like little soldiers.

I also have red okra, green okra, red aztec corn and  millionaire sunflower seedlings from Thailand.

I will also germinate on request from my seed stash!

I am NOT responsible for how well you manage to grow your seedlings. It’s your problem once they leave my garden, ok? No refunds or replacements will be given. Mummy says this is a disclaimer of liability.So I must put it in bold.