Red Radishes

Aren’t they pretty? They are determined to poke out. Mummy topped up the soil yesterday but by today they surfaced again.


3 thoughts on “Red Radishes

  1. One question I have been meaning to ask for weeks –
    Exactly where does the radish start? In my radish bed, I see leaves then long long red stems (above soil) that lead to roots and fine hairs… even after months. Do I push in the long red stems? Is that where the radishes grow?

    • We’ve had the same problem, and have solved it by filling the pot only half full of soil. Our radishes also enjoy sunbathing, so everytime we see any red (or white, as the case may be), we dump more soil on top to keep it underground. Only the leaves should be showing. If not, indeed you get skinny red beansprout above ground and nothing below.

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