Colour Blindness

Our rosa bianca eggplants have been bearing many, many fruit. According to the Burpee website, they are supposed to be rosy-lavender with white shading. Cough cough. Do you call this rosy-lavender with white shading?

Then we  have the turkish orange eggplant, also from Burpee. According to the website, the fruit is supposed to be round (3″) and red-orange. The photo on the Burpee website shows eggplants that look like stripey tomatoes! Unless “orange” in Turkey means “purple”, or all Turkish people are colour-blind, I think our turkish orange eggplants are turkish purple!

I kept telling Mummy they would turn orange (in case she chopped the lying plant down), but I am giving up hope. You look for yourself below:

Oh, we do have one truthful eggplant in the garden. Our faithful Malaysian eggplant, which Mummy’s secretary said would give purplish long fruit, really does produce purplish long fruit. Here it is.


5 thoughts on “Colour Blindness

  1. I think your Malaysian long purple eggplant has very strong genes!! Must be the reason! That’s how I used to get round butternuts!!

  2. Be grateful. Mine are not producing any kind of purple eggplants!!

    Do you think maybe you mixed up the seeds? Or they mixed up the seeds/labels?

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