Bad Hair Day

My red aztec corn has its silks out on 2 cobs at present (one on each pot). The silks are having a bad, bad hair day. But it’s actually good, good because you can see the pollen caught on the silks!


3 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

  1. From the Mother Weed: No, the huge rice-like things are anthers. The pollens come from them and they are kind of like yellow dust that will coat the anther. Look closely at the silks – see how they don’t look smooth? That’s the adhering pollen grains. We don’t achieve good pollination despite having half a dozen plants in close proximity, and despite our antics with plastic bags and refrigeration.

  2. O!! I learnt something from this post! I didn’t know those huge seeds are pollens! I was trying to pry one open like the melon-seed to see what pollen looks like. I’m such a dope!

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