Climb, Climb UP

At Sunday School we sing a song “Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain”. Mummy tells me that my eldest grandaunt used to sing it with me when I was a baby. She has gone to heaven now.

Novice Gardener let her nephew climb up a ladder to pluck papayas. We have a ladder but no papayas (Mummy dislikes growing them and considers them a big tomato). So today I did some climbing too.

First I climbed on our study table to take birds-eye photos of the okra printing that Mummy and I did this afternoon. We used 2 cross-sections of the Star of David okra. I stamped the small cross-section and Mummy stamped the big. You can see the chopped up okra at the bottom of the picture:

Secondly, I climbed up a stool to take photos of the luffas. Finally we have clusters of boy flowers and one girl. Mummy is nervous because we are not successful luffa growers, but I think these Malaysian luffa seeds from Grandpa should learn from the Malaysian eggplants. They are right next to each other in our garden.

Here is a double cluster – the right cluster even has a petalled flower already!

And finally, the one girl:

I did more climbing but will write about it in the next post, OK?

2 thoughts on “Climb, Climb UP

  1. You can do batik printing!!
    Very interesting print – well, I must say, you are enjoying so much okra harvest you don’t feel the pain of using one for art… me, every okra is for eating… maybe I can use the ends for printing?!!

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