Finally Telling the Truth

Do you remember my lying eggplants? I was especially angry with the turkish orange. Well , two of them have finally decided to tell a bit more of the truth. They are supposed to be orangey-red and round like a tomato. Instead they are green-striped and round like a tomato. Hopefully they will turn orange soon?

Happy Halloween!!!

Isn’t our pumpkin handsome? Our neighbour’s daughter carried it ALL THE WAY HOME on the bus from the American School. They brought in a container of pumpkins for carving! Daddy carved it. He had to watch a youtube video on “How to Carve a Pumpkin” first. Then he ordered all of us around for the rest of the afternoon to bring him knives, scrapers, bleach, pails, plastic bags, colanders, baking trays… But he did a good job!

Pediatric Okra

My Pediatrician bought an Australian okra plant from me, and it is now fruiting, see? I don’t know why it looks so yellow? I also don’t know why it is in a cup. Last of all, I don’t know why my Pediatrician calls it the $2 okra when she only paid me $1 for it (that’s my usual seedling price). I asked her all these questions but she has not replied.

STOP PRESS!! My Pediatrician replied but somehow she could not post it. Here is her reply: Dear Weed, The okra looks yellow because of the flash needed to take the photo. It was dark. Actually it is very green with envy because it cannot match your okra plant in terms of abundance. The cup is its skirt. She’s a lady(‘s) finger after all.
Like wine, with age it appreciates. From a dollar to 2.
Mummy said rudely that my Pediatrician is like the okra – doubled in value because she has appreciably aged. I think my Pediatrician is very valuable, especially when she does not give me shots.