Squirm, Worm

Some months ago my uncle from Australia sent me a worm farm (minus worms). It is called a Can O’Worms, and looks like this. If you have to learn idioms like me for my English exam (yuks), you will know that a can of worms means a lot of hidden trouble that suddenly pops out.

Since Grandpa was not willing to carry the worm farm plus worms, we had to buy worms from a man advertising on the internet. He charged Mummy $25 for each 100g of worms. She bought 500g worth of worms. If you have a math exam coming up, you will know that she paid a total of 5x$25 which is $125 for 500g. My math teacher gets very mad if we forget the $ sign on our final statements. Usually I don’t. I forget the whole final statement!

Anyway more than half of our worms ran away and Mummy has been grumbling at the waste of her money. Luckily the rest have been getting fat and having babies. We feed them very well, with worm fattener (here is the recipe in case you need it, go right to the bottom of the page) and all the chopped up bits from our morning juice. This is why they are so healthy and do not have high blood pressure, because they get bittergourd and celery every day!

You want to admire them, right? Here are some of them taken by moonlight:

And here they are, in close-up. Some are as thick as small snakes! Mummy says that feeding them is also more worth it than feeding The Big Sister and me. They grow nice and fat and they produce lovely worm tea for our plants. I also produce stuff for our plants but it is not polite to talk about it.


2 thoughts on “Squirm, Worm

  1. I get the creepy feeling. Yucks.
    You can keep the worms. Pls can I buy more worm tea? Are they producing enough for export to another garden? thanks

    • I will speak to the Worms tomorrow and ask on your behalf. Would you also like some fresh castings? If so I will also ask them to poop more. They’re been prolific eaters and you know the saying, what goes in must… can drop over on Thursday while Weed at Chinese hahaha!!

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