New Wintermelons

Novice Gardener gave us wintermelon seeds from her productive aunt. We were very happy, and excited, because these vines grew faster than a speeding bullet (Mummy said Ferrari, but that is very unkind). Then for the very first time in our Boy Garden, more girl flowers came out than boys!

Mummy carefully shared the pollen from the boy flowers around. All the baby melons had a growth spurt!

Then they stopped. Here they are. Have a look. They are all gone cases.

See how droopy this one is? And if you look carefully, you are see that there are ridges on the flower end of the melon. That’s a bad sign.

Now this was the first of the wintermelon babies. It is now about 10cm long. And it has stopped growing. If you look closely, you can see it’s getting lighter on the flower end. Then look carefully on the stem end – see the ridge? No good.


This is probably the only one that may make it, although it has not grown for 2-3 days. Look at the stem end. See the slight shrinking? That’s a bad sign too.



So you see, slow and steady does win the race!  These speeding wintermelons are fakes!




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