My banana plant from Grandpa’s garden is doing us proud. Remember my last banana post, when I showed a photo of the big upright banana bud? Well, the missile-like bud has now fallen with gravity and is pointing downwards. So it is called a banana bell. Do you know why? Because it sort of looks like a skinny bell, I suppose. Actually it just looks like a large and droopy purply-red flower.

Here it is, close and closer:

Beauteous Banana BellBeauteous Banana Bell - Closer ViewLeft: Banana Bell.

Right: Banana Bell Again (Closer Up View of the Same Bell).

Can you see the difference?

If you stroke the bell gently, you can feel the shape of the baby bananas inside. Mummy is beside herself with excitement. I don’t know why. She dislikes bananas. Anyway, according to the Australians, it will be 12-15 weeks from flower to harvest. And we can expect 35-50 kgs of bananas. That seems like a lot. But Grandpa says the Australians spend their time bending bananas (they are called banana benders especially the people who live in Queensland) so they should know their bananas.

I like this link:


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