Girlnanas and Boynanas

Girlnanas become nice fat edible bananas and they grow up first and higher up on the stem. The Big Sister says there is something I should learn from this.

GirlnanasSee the sterile flowers? They look and rustle like paper. They will fall off and make a mess on the ground.





BoynanasBoynanas come up later and they never develop. Growers chop them off so the girls get more nutrition. Luckily Mummy didn’t practice banana¬†methods with her kids, hahaha! Anyway, have a look at these boynanas. At least, I think they are boynanas. Because they are much smaller than the girlnanas further up.

Mummy made me use a black permie marker to write names on each hand of bananas. By the way, what I thought was a bunch (like the one you buy from Kevin our fruit man at Ghim Moh) is actually called a hand. A bunch means all the hands along the stem!! Back to my story. Mummy accused me of promising bananas to more people than we have bananas. So now we are labelling each hand of bananas. So far we have reserved bananas for Godma, my Pediatrician’s husband, The Big Sister’s godpa, our neighbours and my dentist. Luckily I don’t like bananas so I don’t mind giving all of them away.


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