Sponge Gourds. Plural, not Singular

I had the one hopeful sponge gourd, the first ever we have managed to grow. It grew and grew and grew:

Growing, Growing

In the meantime, it was challenged by 2 of its cousins:

IMG_2057Cousin 2Cousin 1 on the left


Cousin 2 on the right




Cousin 2 may not have a long life, it started off the same size but looks sad and shrivelled now. Also, do you notice some weird things? The big sponge gourd is dark green. The rest are light green. And they came from the same seed pack!

Also, the picture on the seed pack showed nice long cucumber-shaped gourds. Ours are definitely rounder and more egg-like.



3 thoughts on “Sponge Gourds. Plural, not Singular

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