Chillies Willies

From 3 very healthy chilli plants, which even Novice Gardener praised, we now have defoliated leaves as if someone has sprayed Agent Orange on them:

SheddingFlashes of Red









Have a look at the close up:

Still Prolific

Some FlowersNew GrowthAnd yet there is new growth (below) and even some flowers (left):





Grandpa says it is because Mummy squashed 3 plants into a pot so the roots are choking each other. My trusty book from KL (Grow Your Own Vegetables by Lee Chew Kang) says it could be a chilli veinal mottle virus or a mite infestation! It doesn’t look very mottled to me though.

I look mottled though – this week I caught either an unidentified virus or chikungunya! I had a temperature of 40.2C and my skin looked all spotty and mottly. I wouldn’t let my Pediatrician take my blood so I am not sure what EXACTLY I had. What a waste of my school holidays!


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