More Spots

Just like me. My angled luffas have gotten all spotty!

On top:

Spotted Luffas

And on the underside too:

Spotted Bottoms

Anyone wants to dx? Dx means diagnose. I learned this from my Pediatrician. Rx means prescription. Trx means transaction (this I learned from Mummy).


1 thought on “More Spots

  1. Hello, GLAW:

    Me no p(a)ediatrican, nor pedaphile; just a self-confessed pestiphile. I happened to click on your blog when I was stomping in the grounds of Novice Gardener, your generous birthday well wisher.

    Those “spots” are not pimples, which you should expect to get very soon — on your FACE, of cousre: since by next year you’d be double-digit in age like all of us! These bumps on your lush leaves are GALLS (no, not GALS, sorry!) Most of them are made by insects (formed after they have “bitten” the leaves to feed on or “sting” them to lay eggs), mites, and microorganisms. I personally am only have some familiarity with the GALL WASPS.

    So, I have done the Dx. As for Rx: they are fascinating structures to study, which I will leave you to explore: some of them actually have an insect (e.g. wasp) larva inside (so when they grow a bit bigger, open up some and check). I don’t know what is the appropriate Trx is in this context; no, no money involved here, I just got a fix for my obsession with bugs from your post already; so, thanks!

    Secret 7

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