Just look at this amazing, stupendous, wonderful, incredible, informative book! Today I visited Novice Gardener to collect wintermelon seeds. She is also looking for roselle seeds for me. She gave me my birthday present, because I will be 9 soon! It is a fantastic present and I have finished reading it already, within 4 hours of getting it!

Thank you, Novice Gardener!




2 thoughts on “Rescue!

  1. You are most welcome! It looked very interesting and user friendly!
    !! But it is not your birthday yet!! I wrapped it in opaque paper so you cannot be tempted! 🙂
    And there is a Reason for giving you this book!
    You can be my Help Desk and Plant SCDF!! haha.
    I have checked my fridge – no roselle seeds, sorry! When do you need them by?

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