Gardeners United!

I borrowed that title from Novice Gardener who has such nice posts on how us gardeners should unite. I have a nice story to tell you.

NParks gave every Primary 3 boy at my school a little bag containing a little pot, a ziplock bag of soil and a packet of seeds. I got roselle seeds.Oh, in case you are worried, I am sure if there were girls in my school, NParks would have given them the bag too; but I go to an all-boys school. We were supposed to grow the plants and my science teacher said it was a competition as to who could grow the biggest and healthiest plants.

Anyway, Mummy and I popped the seeds into our seed planter. As you know, everything we grow shoots up magnificently (spelling word). But not these NParks seeds. Out of 6 seeds, only one germinated. Seriously! And that One Measly Roselle (OMR) shoot looked half-dead (like me when I was sick and mottly). Mummy and I looked a bit doubtfully at it, but I was desperate to win the competition so we transplanted it into NParks’ pot and soil. Mummy complained a lot about the soil which seemed rather cocopeaty and had many nasty white pebbles in it. She also complained about the pot size (too small), the holes at the bottom (too big) but I said we had to use what was given if not it would be cheating.

OK, here is the sad bit. The OMR keeled over and died!

I got rather panicky about it. Mummy said to take our kind neighbour’s roselle plants but I said that was cheating. And anyway who would believe I grew a 2-foot plant from seed in 2 weeks???  I got Mummy to send an SOS to Novice Gardener and Curious Gardener. Novice Gardener couldn’t find her roselle seeds. Curious Gardener offered roselle shoots but I said that would be cheating too (she did offer to look for the youngest shoots so it wouldn’t be so obvious that I hadn’t planted it). So Curious Gardener kindly swept up some fallen roselle seeds from her patio and soaked them in a very dilute solution of seaweed fert, so that they would germinate quickly. Guess what! They did!!! Che Che RZ couriered the seedlings to me and I popped them into the no-good pot and soil.

They are doing very, very well indeed. Look!



Thank you, Gardeners and Courier! I am sure I will be the only child in Singapore who has hothoused roselles!

PS I am watering them everyday with dilute seaweed and fish emulsion and worm tea. I am determined to win this competition.


7 thoughts on “Gardeners United!

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  2. I much enjoyed your post and do commend you on your integrity. This is a quality in even less supply than good sound stock from certain parks boards given out for school projects perhaps.
    Did you know that roselle flowers may be made into drinks with a high dose of vitamin c. If you drink roselle tea you would build up your immune system no end. In this way, you may avoid being a guinea pig for cold cures if your sister were to have a project on finding the cure for the common cold!
    Please send best wishes to said sister and also to all at home.
    Aunty G

  3. The plants are looking good! You’re lucky I harvested the roselle fruits a couple of months ago and forgot to make them into a drink. Instead, they dried up and I kept them, thinking of grinding up the seeds when they dried more because I’d heard that they’re high in … something… I remember a thread about it on the GCS forum way back… Glad the seeds were still viable, for your sake, Weed.

  4. ***Jia You!*** (those *** are pom-poms!!)
    I hope you win too!
    They are looking good!
    By the way, what is that net I sort of see? Did they supply that too in the kit?
    Do you have to fill a log book or something? How exciting!

    • From the Mother Weed: The holes at the bottom of the wretched pot are large enough for a snake to get in and out. So we used nets made of charcoal to line the pot so that the hopeless soil wouldn’t all fall out. Would you like some to try? We line all our pots with it. Mercifully no log book. Tolong, we have enough to do!

      • O I see, thanks – but I’m fine – I’ve devised my own hole-stops… I use a few pieces of newspaper – so they disintegrate eventually when the soil and roots hold their own.

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