Sponge Gourds (Hah!)

Do you remember that my sponge gourds were setting a second generation? We were always a bit puzzled about why some were a darker green and hairy, and others were pale green and smooth. Anyway, today I had a close look at the 2 biggest ones on the vine, a big sister and a little sister, and decided that they were ready for harvesting. The big sister had cracks in it! I told Mummy that meant it was too old. Mummy looked doubtful but before she could say anything, I chopped both off their vines. I was late for my oboe lesson so Mummy didn’t even have time to squeal loudly. She likes me to be punctual for all my lessons.

Here they are:

2 Melonbuddies

Have a look at the close-up of the big sister gourd below. See the cracks?

Nets and CracksFrom a distance

Now…..we were still a bit puzzled as to what type of sponge gourd this was. Mummy said it smelled awfully sweet and maybe it was a melon. I sure hoped it wasn’t, because I gave one to my teacher for teacher’s day, and told her to fry it with tanghoon and dried shrimp!

Anyway, before we cut it to see its true heart, I weighed both gourds:

OlderYounger sibling





Not-so-bad, huh? Then Mummy took a knife and sliced the big sister gourd through its middle. AND GUESS WHAT??? IT WAS A MELON. A HAMI MELON. Look:

A Melon?

Side View Melon

Close Up

It wasn’t very sweet, but it was very crisp and juicy.

Oh dear the little sister melon will be even less sweet. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so quick to chop it off its vine. Mummy is eating through the melon with determination.


3 thoughts on “Sponge Gourds (Hah!)

  1. My mis-naming plants disease is contagious!! Sorry!
    But congratulations! You are the first person I know to have grown the hami melon! I tried long ago but didn’t get far.
    Maybe you need to add sulphur to the soil to induce sweetness. That’s what the books say… (?)

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