The Bitter Decline of the Bittergourd

After giving us many, many bittergourd, our bittergourd plants caught powdery mildew from all the rain and the overgrown frangipani that blocks out sunlight. I wonder if the plants caught the mildew from Curious Gardener’s marrow!

Here is a leaf which looks as if someone sprinkled icing sugar on it:

Scattered White

I think the whole trellis is a goner!

Uh oh


6 thoughts on “The Bitter Decline of the Bittergourd

  1. Hi Weed, if I were you, I’d prune away the less healthy leaves and stems because if the plant wants to keep growing – and they usually do – then it will sprout new, healthy vines and you’ll get more fruits sooner than growing from seed again. That is, unless Mother Weed hasn’t already culled the plant….. 😐

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