It’s a Rocky Start to the New Year

Happy New Year, Everyone! I am back from my long holidays in Australia. I am as brown as a berry (although the berries I am used to are blue and red, not brown) and our helper says I have fattened up.

Before you start worrying that I am having a hard time in 2014, let me tell you why it is a rocky start to my year. I am very very jealous. Look what Grandpa has in his garden which he DID NOT EVEN PLANT. Grandma dropped some compost material accidentally in his bangkwang patch and look what came up? 6 of them. All HUGE.

Rock and Roll

Rocks and Rolls

Do you know why these melons are called rockmelons? Not because they are as hard and heavy as rocks. Because they come from Rockhampton in North Queensland.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Rocky Start to the New Year

  1. Happy New Year to all of you! Glad that you’ve had a good break and are back safely. Those are lovely looking fruits! Sounds like your grandparents’ garden is a place that plants just can’t help but grow in. I share your envy, Weed! But look at it this way, you probably have inherited some of that green-fingered magic from them. Will be looking forward to more news from your garden this year. Have a great 2014!

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