In the last year I have developed a red spot on my cheek. My friends ask me if it is a pimple. My elderly grandaunts all wail that mosquitoes love me because my blood is sweet (it isn’t, I licked some once). My Pediatrician used a blurry magnifying glass from my CSI kit and had a close look. Guess what it is?

It is a spider nevi. That means a collection of burst blood vessels! I wonder why I am exploding? I might outgrow it and if I don’t, I guess someone can zap it away. Alcoholics have lots of these. I am not an alcoholic. I’m not even allowed coffee!

Anyway, take out your CSI kit. Have a look at this. What do you think it is?

Where's Spidey?

I thought it was a spider, but it wasn’t. It was a nasty crunchy beetle. I tried to catch it but it hurried away!




2 thoughts on “Spider?

  1. Hello 10-year old friend! This appears to be a type of assassin bug, an insect of the family Reduviidae, and not an arachnid like a spider. The assassin bug is a very effective hunter that snags its prey and uses a piercing tube to suck the juices out of unfortunate otherbugs. If a spider got into a fight with an assassin bug, I’m not sure who would win!

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