B1 and B2

Have you ever watched children’s TV in Australia? I have. I watch a lot of TV in Australia because WE DO NOT HAVE A TV IN SINGAPORE. I hope Mummy hears me loud and clear.

There is a show called Bananas in Pajamas. Here they are:

One banana is called B1 and the other is B2. I named my bananas after them. My first bunch of bananas was B1. Now B2 has appeared from B1’s sucker child!
Here is the B2 Tree. Its leaves have been shredded by the wind.
B2 Tree
Here is the banana bell with all the little bananas inside:
B2 Bell
You can feel the little bananas when Mummy isn’t looking. She does not like me to have itchy fingers.
B2 Bell Close Up
And here is the close up B2 bell. The colours are so pretty, fine lines of purple madder and terra verte!
Now we have to wait and wait and wait…

What Tree is This?

See the 2 trees side by side?

Twin Trees

Do they look like the same plant to you? In case it isn’t obvious, let me show you each tree separately. Here’s one (the one on the left):

Singular Papaya

And here’s the other (the one on the right):

Plural Papayas

OK, they are both papaya trees, that’s obvious. One has a single fruit. The other has many fruit. Singular and Plural. The Big Sister yells at me when I get my verbs wrong because I get confused between singular and plural. But guess what. She asked me when the mango would be ready for eating!!!