Right Angled Banana

We have been having terrible weather here in Singapore. It has been very hot and muggy. Our helper is always rushing outside to bring in the clothes because storm clouds loom – the moment she brings them in, the sky turns blue again!

All this hot weather is doing terrible things to our plants. Our banana plant started to lean over to one side so Mummy tied it to the fence with gardening tape.Unfortunately our bananas are fed very well, so the weight of the bunch dragged the plant down at right angles! Our neighbour’s contractors had to be summoned urgently to help – they lifted the bent bit up gently and Mummy and our helper bandaged it to the fence, see? Now the plant looks like it has a plaster cast around the stem, but actually it is a towel-cast and a Daiso-tablecloth-cast.

Banana Plant in Cast

Then to make sure there was more support, our helper stuck a pole against the towel-cast.

Stick it up!

I don’t think that will help at all because the pole is very narrow, but maybe this is what people do in Myanmar. In Singapore most people use 2 poles and make an X and the plant rests on the X. I think I should speak to Godma’s husband who is an expert on casts. Maybe he can help with our next banana plant.



45-Day Bananas

I just blogged about bananas and about how there are supposed to be 2 types, 45-day and 60-day bananas. My wonderful dentist’s husband gave me some 45-day banana suckers so I wouldn’t have to wait so long. We popped them in pots. Now they are tall and slim but have shown no signs of fruiting:
45 days my foot

Now I will do some math. If my 60-day bananas take 90 days to from Bell to Harvest, then my 45-day bananas will take 67.5 days. Do you think this means I have to harvest it very late at night?

Chilli Godzilli

Remember my chilli plants which were hit by the plague then recovered from their affliction? They have gone from strength to strength and have been removing the lining of everyone’s tummies (except mine and The Big Sister’s, we don’t like spicy food much). Our family thinks that these chillies can take paint off, but my Pediatrician’s nurse, Aunty Jeanie, sniffed and said they are placebos. Aunty Jeanie’s tummy must be lined with cement!

These Chilli Godzillies are still in their original small pot with a few mealies! Here is a birds-eye view of birds-eye Thai chillies:

Birds Eye Chillis

And just to show you how monstrous they are, here is a close-up shot:


The Big Sister has recently become a movie buff, because her exams are over so she has Too Much Free Time. She went to watch Godzilla with her friend who is a boy (you know what I mean??). Can you believe she picked the movie? This is the same Big Sister whose all-time favourite movie is Tangled and who watched Frozen 100 times. Anyway she was very cross when the movie started and Godzilla appeared. Apparently she got confused between Godzilla and King Kong, and was looking forward to a movie about gorillas.

Now you understand why she isn’t ready for her driving test even thogh she’s been having lessons for a year? Anyway her medical school friends were very kind to her and brought her to some shop and taught her the differences between King Kong and Godzilla. The simplest one is King Kong has fur. Godzilla does not. Just in case The Big Sister forgets, her friends made her take a photo of both Godzilla and King Kong.


Almost Time for Banana Harvest

My very last post was about bananas and I wrote it about 3 months ago. Well it took 3 months from Bell to Banana – which means many people have been LYING to me: the Paid Gardener, our wonderful dentist’s husband, and Grandpa. They said bananas come in 2 kinds – 45-day and 60-day. Mine, they claimed, are 60-day bananas – except they are 90-day bananas.

Here are my 90-day bananas:

After 90 long days

If you look carefully, you can see the signal banana turning yellow, just at its tip. Look to the right? If you can’t see it, here is a close up shot:

Signally YellowWhen the signal banana is more or less totally yellow, the whole stem of bananas is ready for picking! We have been arguing at home about what the collective noun is for bananas. Seems like the correct word for the “bunch” of bananas you can buy from Kevin our fruit man is “hand”. “Bunch” or “comb” refers to the whole stem of bananas you see in the photo above!

These bananas look bigger than our first bunch. I think my by-products are getting more nutritious!


Oh one thing I did not write about before is this. Just like the signal banana signals that the bunch is ready for harvest, the banana tree puts out a special leaf, called a spade leaf, just before the banana bell emerges.


See? I call a spade a spade, hahahahaha!!!