Right Angled Banana

We have been having terrible weather here in Singapore. It has been very hot and muggy. Our helper is always rushing outside to bring in the clothes because storm clouds loom – the moment she brings them in, the sky turns blue again!

All this hot weather is doing terrible things to our plants. Our banana plant started to lean over to one side so Mummy tied it to the fence with gardening tape.Unfortunately our bananas are fed very well, so the weight of the bunch dragged the plant down at right angles! Our neighbour’s contractors had to be summoned urgently to help – they lifted the bent bit up gently and Mummy and our helper bandaged it to the fence, see? Now the plant looks like it has a plaster cast around the stem, but actually it is a towel-cast and a Daiso-tablecloth-cast.

Banana Plant in Cast

Then to make sure there was more support, our helper stuck a pole against the towel-cast.

Stick it up!

I don’t think that will help at all because the pole is very narrow, but maybe this is what people do in Myanmar. In Singapore most people use 2 poles and make an X and the plant rests on the X. I think I should speak to Godma’s husband who is an expert on casts. Maybe he can help with our next banana plant.



4 thoughts on “Right Angled Banana

  1. Hello Weed! What an interesting banana plant you have there 🙂 I look forward eagerly to more tales of your deviant plants!

    Ps. Perhaps you could lessen the load of the banana plant by giving away free bananas to your friends once they ripen!!!

  2. Ooh, impressive weight of bananas. I hope your mummy has lots of delicious recipes in case they ripen all at the same time. Do they ripen all at the same time? There is a Yonana ice cream maker from NTUC that makes very healthy ice cream from 100% banana puree . You can even add strawberries for a variation on bananas alone.
    Aunty G

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