Bored with Bananas

Are you getting bored by my banana stories? Actually I am a bit bored with gardening, but Aunty GL who came for dinner last night with her family told me she misses my blogs. So here I am again, with my bananas, like a bad smell. 

Here are some photos of our banana plantation.

Short and leafy bananas:

Short and Leafy

Here’s a clearer view, because the photo above looks awfully crowded. Just tilt your head to the right a little, and you”ll have a better view:

Tilt your head

Now we also have some banana plants in a pot – they are very slow to fruit but never mind! I don’t eat bananas anyway.

Slim and Tall

I’ll let you know when the spade leaves appear!






3 thoughts on “Bored with Bananas

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  2. Weed, why don’t you grow things you like to eat?!
    That might help to revive your interest….

    Yes, please show me what the beginnings of a spade leaf looks like. Or else I am waiting in vein 😛

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