Reptile Residents

We have always been fond of the tree lizard that lived in our long beans and various other plants, and his more visionary friend that lived in our pumpkin plants.

I told you that our neighbour put up 6 lovely trellises for Mummy, right? When the trellis went up, a skinny lizard staked out his territory and sat balefully on a naked trellis. It must have been hot and uncomfortable but he sat it out.

Staking it out

Rather like the Pioneer Generation, don’t you think? He knew good times were coming.

True enough, the bittergourd plants grew lush and lusher, all around him.

FTL - Fatter Tree Lizard

Grandma is very unhappy about Mr Lizard being amongst the bittergourds. She thinks he will eat the bittergourds or the leaves or the vines. I told her lizards are insectivores but she claims he looks much much more padded out so he must be eating the plants. This reminds me of The Big Sister who says it is no point claiming that salad is diet food. Just look at pandas!

Pandan Flowers

I like my wonderful dentist very much but lately I have been afraid of going to her house. Not because of her 2 huge dogs (very huge, one is even heavier than The Big Sister). But because everytime I go, she yanks a loose tooth out! She says it will save Mummy a trip to her clinic.

Anyway, one night while we were there, apparently Mummy smelled a most wonderful pandan perfume. It turned out to be a beautiful climber called Vallaris Glabra, or the bread flower plant, or the pandan flower plant. I never noticed it or smelled it because I was trying to make myself invisible inside the house (it didn’t work, I still got a tooth yanked out before we went home).

Anyway again, here is a link to NParks’ website that will tell you more about this plant.

Guess what? Our wonderful dentist delivered a whole plant for Mummy a week ago! Here is an artistic shot of the upper part of the plant:

Pandan Flower

And here is an even more artistic shot of the underside of one of its leaves:

A Different View

Just for the record, it is a miracle I have any teeth left at all. Even though the Tooth Fairy gives me $50 per tooth, it’s not worth the yanking out. Daddy says $50 is outrageous, but Grandpa says it’s just inflation.


The Big Sister’s favourite cartoon when she was little was Arthur. I have read all the Arthur books but am not so fond of the cartoons, although I have watched “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas” one million times EVERY CHRISTMAS because she forces me to watch with her.

Arthur is an aardvark. His best friend is a rabbit called Buster. Buster eats everything! One day his mum brought him to a fancy French restaurant and there was a bouquet of parsley to garnish the salad. He asked the waiter what it was and the waiter said garnish. Buster ate it with great relish and then said “Mmmmm I like garnish!”.

I like all my greens and when our helper doesn’t cook enough vegetables, I eat raw coriander and spring onion off the stalk. So Grandpa grew this for me…. Mmmmm I like garnish too!



Garden Decorations

When I was in Australia, I went to a huge garden centre called Masters. I saw some solar lights that had spikes at the bottom and insisted on buying them. Mummy said no, they were made of glass and would be a hassle to bring home, but Daddy kindly offered to carry them back so I got my wish! I wanted 12 of the lights but Mummy shrieked certainly not and said 4 or nothing.

So I got 4 lights. Have a look:

Italian Mosaic

Stick in the MudSolar Panel






The solar panel is supposed to be able to power the light inside but so far nothing is happening! Grandpa did say for $3 what did I expect?

The Tree Lizard Flies Again

That title is a bit misleading. We have a tree lizard in our pumpkins (ok, pumpkin plant, there are no pumpkins there at all) but I do not think it is the same tree lizard as the one before.

Its expression is quite different, kind of looking forward to the future:

Close up of Handsome

But look at its tail! It has a right angle in it! (I just learned about angles in geometry at school and The Big Sister gave me her set square and protractor).

Tree Lizard with Kink in Tail