6 Hands and Counting


Our banana plant (read about it here and here) is very satisfactory. There are 6 hands of bananas visible now. You can see 4 in the picture above where the purply bracts covering them have lifted (2 bracts fell off, don’t worry, they are supposed to!).

Sometimes Mummy’s friend from KL goes to a place in Tiong Bahru called 40 Hands to buy steamed red bean buns for Mummy. I am not sure why her friend comes all the way from KL to buy buns for Mummy and Mummy does not drive to Tiong Bahru on her way home from work to buy her own? I wish our banana plant had 40 Hands. Then it would be in the Guinness Book of Records.

Just for you to admire, here is another photo closer up:

Hand in GloveGrandpa said not to fiddle too much with the plant and he will fix everything when he comes to visit. It’s very tempting to poke at the bananas you know.

Maybe Mummy Does Not have to Back Down

Byebye MangoRemember I posted that Mummy had to back down over growing fruit trees?

Maybe she won’t over the mango. Grandpa says the Harum Manis mango tree grows to at least 4 stories in height (that’s 12 metres!!!). Mummy says no way that mango sprout is leaving its small pot.

In case you’ve forgotten, here it is in its small pot:


Signs of Life

I have been under a lot of pressure to blog again. Some people do NOT understand that 2 English compositions and 2 Chinese compositions a week are enough torture for an 8 year old (almost 9).

Anyway, I am back again by popular demand. So this blog is showing Signs of Life. My garden always shows Signs of Life. Here are some examples:

Long Beanies

The Old Faithful Long Beans


Finally! Successful No-Mealy (touch wood) Chillies. Unfortunately we cannot remember if they are meant to stay green or turn red!

Onions Springing

See? My spring onions have sprung!






And even the frangipani is budding!

So all is well in the garden, and I will post some more later tonight if I catch my breath!

Red Okra


Oops I forgot about the red okra, from our American seeds. Here it is. It produces very, very well.

Second Wind

Sometimes I am very grumpy around dinner time and Mummy says, “early bed for you, young man!”. But it’s a miracle, once I’ve had dinner and my shower, I am not grumpy any more and I refuse to go to bed! Mummy often complains about my second wind.

Our purple long beans went all quiet for a while, and we thought it was just as well we planted a whole new trough of them. But they’ve caught their second wind too!

Not Really About Gardening

But never mind. Here is a photo of my friends and I at my party this afternoon.It was a shootout!

But this is sort of a gardening post because (1) I asked for book vouchers to buy gardening books, and (2) each goody bag had a planting kit in it, all the way from Australia! It is a big cup with growing pellets and seeds. We chose tomatoes, jalapeno chillies and lemon balm.

PS I am the one kneeling down right in the middle. The 2 tall ones are The Big Sister and her friend, hahahaha!

Colour Blindness

Our rosa bianca eggplants have been bearing many, many fruit. According to the Burpee website, they are supposed to be rosy-lavender with white shading. Cough cough. Do you call this rosy-lavender with white shading?

Then we  have the turkish orange eggplant, also from Burpee. According to the website, the fruit is supposed to be round (3″) and red-orange. The photo on the Burpee website shows eggplants that look like stripey tomatoes! Unless “orange” in Turkey means “purple”, or all Turkish people are colour-blind, I think our turkish orange eggplants are turkish purple!

I kept telling Mummy they would turn orange (in case she chopped the lying plant down), but I am giving up hope. You look for yourself below:

Oh, we do have one truthful eggplant in the garden. Our faithful Malaysian eggplant, which Mummy’s secretary said would give purplish long fruit, really does produce purplish long fruit. Here it is.

Red Aztec Corn

I have not been posting for a while because I somehow switched something on my camera so that photos were saved in NEF format not JPEG so it was beyond Mummy to open them. Phoodietravelogue came to the rescue and converted the photos and made them more beautiful, so I can post again!

Novice Gardener has slim red aztec corn (like her). We told her ours was very thick. I think it is as thick as my mountain bike wheel. Here it is: