Hairy can be Beautiful Too

Here are our new hairy gourd seedlings, grown from our reliable Bangkok seeds, bought by reliable Aunty SS (she is a very important person, but I cannot say what she is, except that Mummy calls her Amb…er) and couriered by reliable Aunty SJ (she is not so very important but I like her anyway).

Hairy McClary


Now here is the close up. See? The seeds were pink. Grandpa says it is because the seed people put fungicide on it.

Look at me, me beauty

Apple Cucumber II

Remember my post on the apple cucumber? It’s flowering now, and you can just see the little bud behind.  According to the Thompson & Morgan website (I think that’s where Novice Gardener got the seeds from), apple cucumbers are supposed to be really yummy. So I hope we we get at least ONE apple cucumber to taste.

Thank you again, Novice Gardener!

Novice Gardener recently went on a trip to Europe, and Look What She Brought Back!!! Sorry my photography was off because I forgot the shadows. And I can’t wait to start growing them…

She gave me sweet peas and China asters, and sweet peppers, mixed gourds (surprise!),marrow, 2 Italian sounding pumpkins, and matador spinach. Maybe a bull will come into our garden to eat the matador spinach! She also gave me magnetic bookmarks!

Round 2 Corn!

We’re on a (corn)roll. Our second lot of seedlings grew very quickly, and before we knew it, they have produced:

Tassels on the right

And silks above!

See, the plants are much shorter than the previous 2 stalks. It has been raining a lot so I hope pollination can still take place.

My uncle sent me many different seeds from Eden Seeds in Australia! We have just sowed some popcorn. See this link. Doesn’t the cob look cute? My uncle also sent me some Red Aztec corn seeds – they look a bit scary!

Sharks Fin Melon (2)

Remember my market sharks fin melon from Godma? Well Mummy was worried about how viable the seeds were (in the end they were very viable) so she asked phoodietravelogue whose mummy and sisters are sharks fin melon experts to get me some of their seeds. Phoodietravelogue brought the seeds back, all the way from England, and we popped them into some soil.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They germinated really fast, and their stems were super thick and sturdy. Here is one of the 5 we germinated, after only 5 days!!!  Thank you, phoodietravelogue!

PS phoodietravelogue thinks we can market the seeds in fancy packets. We will call ourselves the ChanSharx and label our packets “Exclusive Seeds from the ChanSharx”. Her family name is Chan, you see. Would anyone like some seeds? Or the spare seedling we have (below):

Sharks Fin Melon (1)

Do you know what a sharks fin melon is? It belongs to the same family as the wintermelon. It is round and has dark green, pale green and cream coloured stripes all over. It looks a bit like a watermelon except that it has more light green than dark green. You can buy it at NTUC in slices. When Mummy cooks it in soup, the flesh comes apart in noodley bits, just like sharks fin.

Anyway we all like it (except Grandpa who says it is tasteless), and I read that it is very easy to grow (in England, anyway) so we decided to grow some. Unfortunately the melons at NTUC are all very young so we did not think the seeds would be viable. Godma said she would ask her market vegetable man for a whole, old melon. Her vegetable man thought she was crazy but agreed to ask his supplier. Eventually he got one for Godma and she brought it over. It was 6kg!!!! We put it in the sun to dry it out a bit and when our neighbours praised us for the melon they thought we grew, Mummy smiled and thanked them but I told them the truth!!!

See the plants? We germinated more but I gave them away (2 died though).

Eggplant Flowers Finally!!!

The flowers have arrived on both our eggplant plants! They are purple and pretty. The fruit is supposed to be purple. I wonder if Novice Gardener’s green long skinny eggplants had green flowers?

We have just germinated a rosa bianca eggplant from Burpee. It is a lavender coloured heirloom eggplant. I just came back from a wedding in Jakarta. The colour theme was lavender and white. Just like the rosa bianca. I will give the first rosa bianca to the bride and groom. Burpee’s website says I should have an eggplant in 70-85 days. I hope they are telling the truth, because our other eggplants took forever!

Visit to the Novice Gardener’s Garden

Following from my visit to the Curious Gardener’s wonderful garden, today I finally managed to have some time in the Novice Gardener’s garden! This is what I did:

1. I admired the mulberry bush in the front garden which had a real, black mulberry on it. Imagine, that is the bush she keeps for the BIRDS! There is a human bush at the back. I don’t have a photo of the mulberry because I ate it with Mummy.

2. I admired her pumpkin vines which were all growing in 2 straight lines. Just like my class when we have to move from place to place.

3. Then I admired her pumpkins. There was the kaboucha (left) and a shy local pumpkin (right) and another local pumpkin, sunbathing itself (bottom):

4. Then I noticed Mummy was twitching and green so I looked at other plants like the peanuts. I forgot macro so the photo isn’t very nice, so I won’t post it. I also looked at her purple round eggplant that she kindly offered to let me harvest and bring home (Mummy said not to be greedy, so I didn’t), and then her mimi kangkong. It was a bit odd because she grew mimi on one side of the pot and not-mimi on the other. Her cotton plants have been attacked by mealy bugs. I wonder why?

5. I also admired her beautiful new wintermelon which has a proper wintermelon shape. Novice Gardener said it looked like her figure, so Mummy asked why ours did not look like Mummy’s figure but instead looks like The Big Sister and I. We look like lollipops.

6. Then as a special treat, I got to harvest the biggest local pumpkin! And Novice Gardener gave me some red okra seeds and a bunch of bananas for Mummy to make banana chiffon with! And a massive bunch of Thai basil which smelled very good in the car.

The only sad things about the visit were that Novice Gardener’s nephew was sleeping and couldn’t play (she tried to wake him but he was grouchy) and I got bitten by mosquitoes on my forehead and nose. Otherwise it was a Wonderful Time! Thank you, Novice Gardener!

Burpee Greenhouse Magic

Remember I wrote about the special greenhouse that my Pediatrician brought me from America? It really is a magic greenhouse! And Burpee really told the truth, all their seeds germinated really fast.

Look at how quickly the seedlings sprouted! We sowed the seeds 5 days before this photo was taken. Some of the seeds that sprouted had become so tall (like the mammoth sunflower and the teddy bear sunflower) that we had to transplant them:

The watermelons had to be transplanted too:

Because the plot the watermelons are in is right where my curly hose is, someone keeps bumping the poor sprouts. So we put little cut-off mineral water bottles over them to protect them. Curious Gardener taught me this trick.