Third bunch from the grandchild sucker.

Weight of Expectation


One hand has been promised to Aunty Jin for her birthday. She wrote her name in black marker on the largest hand. (I don’t think she was being greedy, I think it was the top hand and the easiest to write on.)

Hand in Hand





How the Mighty (Frangipani) are Fallen

In my last post I told you how Fabulous our Frangipani looked.

Well, it unfortunately got a bad case of orange rust and when I came back from holidays with Mummy, she realized that orange dust was all over our driveway and the underside of the frangipani’s leaves were furry with orange rust!

Guess what she did (no prizes here)?

Bare bones

Bare bones. But guess what? New leaves grew back. Mummy says the wicked flourish like the rusted frangipani tree. Just for the record, this is the frangipani’s last chance to stay rust-free. It is going to be composted and replaced with 2 squat happiness trees that Mummy has been hankering after.

Flourishing Wickedly


Pandan Flowers

I like my wonderful dentist very much but lately I have been afraid of going to her house. Not because of her 2 huge dogs (very huge, one is even heavier than The Big Sister). But because everytime I go, she yanks a loose tooth out! She says it will save Mummy a trip to her clinic.

Anyway, one night while we were there, apparently Mummy smelled a most wonderful pandan perfume. It turned out to be a beautiful climber called Vallaris Glabra, or the bread flower plant, or the pandan flower plant. I never noticed it or smelled it because I was trying to make myself invisible inside the house (it didn’t work, I still got a tooth yanked out before we went home).

Anyway again, here is a link to NParks’ website that will tell you more about this plant.

Guess what? Our wonderful dentist delivered a whole plant for Mummy a week ago! Here is an artistic shot of the upper part of the plant:

Pandan Flower

And here is an even more artistic shot of the underside of one of its leaves:

A Different View

Just for the record, it is a miracle I have any teeth left at all. Even though the Tooth Fairy gives me $50 per tooth, it’s not worth the yanking out. Daddy says $50 is outrageous, but Grandpa says it’s just inflation.

Bugs Bunny, Eat your Heart Out!

I have started a radish plantation again. Just look what 2 weeks of rain and sunshine can do?

In case you’re wondering, Mummy stabbed some satay sticks into the pot randomly so the plants would have something to lean on in case they felt faint. But the plants are not the fainting type so Mummy moved them to the side in case they left marks on the growing radishes.Radish Rampage

Bored with Bananas

Are you getting bored by my banana stories? Actually I am a bit bored with gardening, but Aunty GL who came for dinner last night with her family told me she misses my blogs. So here I am again, with my bananas, like a bad smell. 

Here are some photos of our banana plantation.

Short and leafy bananas:

Short and Leafy

Here’s a clearer view, because the photo above looks awfully crowded. Just tilt your head to the right a little, and you”ll have a better view:

Tilt your head

Now we also have some banana plants in a pot – they are very slow to fruit but never mind! I don’t eat bananas anyway.

Slim and Tall

I’ll let you know when the spade leaves appear!





Papaya Nuggets

It is a long weekend here in Singapore so I have had plenty of time to make a nuisance of myself, Mummy says. To prove Mummy wrong, I decided to be constructive and take photos.

Here is our papaya tree. It’s doing well except that the fruit is petite and not enough for sharing. But it has a very small cavity inside only, so really, it is all flesh. Luckily I don’t like papayas.

Petite Papaya