The Last Gourd Standing

Once in a while our bittergourds are afflicted with coppery coloured leaves then I know they are doomed. They will slump over and HSM (that’s Happy Scissors Mummy) will hack them up. It happened today to one of our bittergourd jungles. Bye Bye Bittergourd. Here is the last of them:

Ladybird Larvae

We have a lot of ladybirds on our eggplants and luffas. I think these are their larvae living under the wintermelon leaves. I HOPE so, anyway… but to be sure, I popped them into a container and I am watching their development carefully. More carefully than I did my math exam paper. My math teacher was very mad with me. Even my P1 math teacher was mad with me. She even called Mummy!


Mummy has 2 twins, a Day Evil Twin (called Day ET) who is my Godma, and a Night Evil Twin who is my Pediatrician. All of them look very different. My Godma’s hair is shorter than mine and sometimes when she plays golf, she gets mistaken for the boy caddy. My Pediatrician looks more patient than Godma and Mummy. Actually I can spot other differences but Mummy says no need to discuss those!

We have twin purple long beans. The flowers came out at the same time, but somehow one grew faster than the other when they became beans. See?