Only Child

Remember I complained that our zucchini was a zilchini? Today we harvested the one and only that was bigger than a worm. Here is is, next to my 250ml angry birds cup. As you can see, it is about the size of a snow pea. Mummy says it is a waste of space and time. This means – as you know – off with its head.

I did take an artistic shot of it, though, see?


Zilchini Zucchini

Somehow the male flowers are missing and the female flowers don’t open. Also, don’t you think this is a long stripey zucchini not a round one?


We have 2 lovely female zucchini flowers, but believe it or not, this time we have absolutely no male flowers! I told Mummy since they are in the same family as our cucumbers, to use the cucumber boys to pollinate the zucchini girls.



If this is successful, we will have a cucchini! Mummy says maybe we should pollinate it with the bicolour corn from Taiwan, then we would have a bicchini. Get it? Bikini!



I always thought zucchini was a creeper. But the zucchini rondo de nice (it’s heirloom) is a very short bush. I found this on a website:

Its leaves are like thistles or nettles – I know about nettles because I walked into a nettle patch in Regent’s Park in London when I was smaller. Our plants are much greener and budding – look below!