How does my Garden Grow?

With bittergourd, and hairy gourd, and chilli plants all in a row.

Rising Bittergourd

Standing Tall

Chilli plants all in a row

Chilli Godzilli

Remember my chilli plants which were hit by the plague then recovered from their affliction? They have gone from strength to strength and have been removing the lining of everyone’s tummies (except mine and The Big Sister’s, we don’t like spicy food much). Our family thinks that these chillies can take paint off, but my Pediatrician’s nurse, Aunty Jeanie, sniffed and said they are placebos. Aunty Jeanie’s tummy must be lined with cement!

These Chilli Godzillies are still in their original small pot with a few mealies! Here is a birds-eye view of birds-eye Thai chillies:

Birds Eye Chillis

And just to show you how monstrous they are, here is a close-up shot:


The Big Sister has recently become a movie buff, because her exams are over so she has Too Much Free Time. She went to watch Godzilla with her friend who is a boy (you know what I mean??). Can you believe she picked the movie? This is the same Big Sister whose all-time favourite movie is Tangled and who watched Frozen 100 times. Anyway she was very cross when the movie started and Godzilla appeared. Apparently she got confused between Godzilla and King Kong, and was looking forward to a movie about gorillas.

Now you understand why she isn’t ready for her driving test even thogh she’s been having lessons for a year? Anyway her medical school friends were very kind to her and brought her to some shop and taught her the differences between King Kong and Godzilla. The simplest one is King Kong has fur. Godzilla does not. Just in case The Big Sister forgets, her friends made her take a photo of both Godzilla and King Kong.


Not Time for Chilli Yet

Remember I posted about my chilli plants, which looked as if the plague hit them? I haven’t seen a plague but I know all about locust plagues in Egypt.  Well, it was not time for them to meet Scissorhands Mummy. After seeing her evil-eyed eagle-eyed stare, they quickly decided to behave and they are all green, healthy, and full of spice now.


Little Bells

Aren’t the little flowers pretty? Mummy is quite pleased with the chilli plants now. I kind of know what the chillies feel like. When Mummy gives me the evil-eyed eagle-eyed stare, my homework improves very quickly too.

Chillies Willies

From 3 very healthy chilli plants, which even Novice Gardener praised, we now have defoliated leaves as if someone has sprayed Agent Orange on them:

SheddingFlashes of Red









Have a look at the close up:

Still Prolific

Some FlowersNew GrowthAnd yet there is new growth (below) and even some flowers (left):





Grandpa says it is because Mummy squashed 3 plants into a pot so the roots are choking each other. My trusty book from KL (Grow Your Own Vegetables by Lee Chew Kang) says it could be a chilli veinal mottle virus or a mite infestation! It doesn’t look very mottled to me though.

I look mottled though – this week I caught either an unidentified virus or chikungunya! I had a temperature of 40.2C and my skin looked all spotty and mottly. I wouldn’t let my Pediatrician take my blood so I am not sure what EXACTLY I had. What a waste of my school holidays!

Signs of Life

I have been under a lot of pressure to blog again. Some people do NOT understand that 2 English compositions and 2 Chinese compositions a week are enough torture for an 8 year old (almost 9).

Anyway, I am back again by popular demand. So this blog is showing Signs of Life. My garden always shows Signs of Life. Here are some examples:

Long Beanies

The Old Faithful Long Beans


Finally! Successful No-Mealy (touch wood) Chillies. Unfortunately we cannot remember if they are meant to stay green or turn red!

Onions Springing

See? My spring onions have sprung!






And even the frangipani is budding!

So all is well in the garden, and I will post some more later tonight if I catch my breath!

Red Okra


Oops I forgot about the red okra, from our American seeds. Here it is. It produces very, very well.