Brilliantly Blue Butterfly Pea

We have a prolific butterfly pea plant outside our house, so our helper decided to make mango sticky rice and use some of the pretty royal blue flowers. She is very generous when ingredients are plentiful. Mummy is always wailing “did you open new salt/sugar/oil/garlic?” when the food is too salty/sweet/oily/garlicky! See what I mean?

Maybe this view doesn’t look as scary?


Bunga Telang (Butterfly Pea)

This is my butterfly pea plant. I grew it from seed (my Grandaunt gave me the seeds from her plant) and it has taken over the front gate and the electrical box! We had to cut it loose from the wires in the box – I tried pulling the shoots away from the wires and box but Mummy looked very shocked – she thought I would be electrocuted!

I plucked this flower to show you how pretty the colour is. You can pound the flower and use it to make kueh. I usually pound 4 flowers with half a cup of water, to make blue water. Then I keep the blue water for a few days. It gets paler as the days go by! Don’t worry, Mummy pounds her own flowers for kueh.

I am holding a green butterfly pea pod and a brown butterfly pea pod. The brown pod contains very dark brown seeds and is ready for germination. The green pod contains green sappy seeds and is useless.