More Spots

Just like me. My angled luffas have gotten all spotty!

On top:

Spotted Luffas

And on the underside too:

Spotted Bottoms

Anyone wants to dx? Dx means diagnose. I learned this from my Pediatrician. Rx means prescription. Trx means transaction (this I learned from Mummy).


Do you remember my luffalife has been full of ups and downs? Well, we were saved by Grandpa’s wonderful Malaysian luffa seeds which have been setting fruit generously!

Here is the luffa that grew on our neighbour’s side of the fence, so it’s hers. She harvested it this morning (together with TWO cucumbers on her side of the fence). We put it next to the luffa that is still growing on our side of the fence. Mummy is holding it.

And here is the luffa that is still growing on our side of the fence (left), and the new luffa that Mummy just pollinated (right). It is waving proudly!



You know how you have to match the picture to the word in Chinese tests? OK. I am going to test you. Write the correct number next to each photo. When you are done, write the description IN CHINESE next to each photo. Hahahahaha!!!

(1) Big one on neighbour’s side. (2) Very hopeful. (3) Goners. (4) Hopeful. (5) Flower.

Angled Luffa

The seeds Grandpa brought back from Malaysia are finally setting fruit. I think some may not make it, like those on the right and below.





But I think the one below will make it. Unfortunately it is on our neighbour’s side of the fence, so it belongs to her. We have a rule that she gets to keep whatever is on her side because we use her airspace. I wanted to change the rule to 50:50, but Daddy said no.