Artistic Shots of Eggplant

I tried to follow phoodietravelogue’s example and take artistic shots of the eggplants today (white and rosa bianca). I think I need more practice. But here they are:






Angles are all funny. I’ll try again tomorrow if I have time. My math teacher sets a lot of weekend homework so maybe I won’t have enough time.

Red Aztec Corn

I have not been posting for a while because I somehow switched something on my camera so that photos were saved in NEF format not JPEG so it was beyond Mummy to open them. Phoodietravelogue came to the rescue and converted the photos and made them more beautiful, so I can post again!

Novice Gardener has slim red aztec corn (like her). We told her ours was very thick. I think it is as thick as my mountain bike wheel. Here it is:

Budding Photographer

Phoodietravelogue is a super photographer. She has started a new project, working with a hospice for children with cancer. She takes photos of the children and their families just doing normal things, so that each family will have lovely photos to remember their sick child.

I am learning from her. Here are some of my tries today (I have been rather sick myself, so have not been at school).

Sharks Fin Melon (2)

Remember my market sharks fin melon from Godma? Well Mummy was worried about how viable the seeds were (in the end they were very viable) so she asked phoodietravelogue whose mummy and sisters are sharks fin melon experts to get me some of their seeds. Phoodietravelogue brought the seeds back, all the way from England, and we popped them into some soil.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They germinated really fast, and their stems were super thick and sturdy. Here is one of the 5 we germinated, after only 5 days!!!  Thank you, phoodietravelogue!

PS phoodietravelogue thinks we can market the seeds in fancy packets. We will call ourselves the ChanSharx and label our packets “Exclusive Seeds from the ChanSharx”. Her family name is Chan, you see. Would anyone like some seeds? Or the spare seedling we have (below):