Red Radishes

Aren’t they pretty? They are determined to poke out. Mummy topped up the soil yesterday but by today they surfaced again.

Cucumber is Gone AGAIN!!!

Remember I complained our thick-stemmed fast-growing cucumber, from the Paid Gardener, collapsed on us? It’s done it again. We germinated 3 more seedlings when the first lot collapsed. All went well until today when 2 of the 3 flopped over!


But don’t worry, we have lots of cucumber seeds, and Mummy says we will keep trying til we suc-seed. Get it??!!

Millionaire Fufus

Our sunflowers’ feelings were hurt because Mummy insulted them when commenting on Novice Gardener’s post on her sunflowers. That is a very long sentence.

So they decided to prove they were not 3 inches tall by crowning, and by producing lots of buds along their stem to show their stem is not so short. It’s like The Big Sister who wears heels and hopes it makes her look long-legged and tall.

By the way, golden millionaires and fufus look the same. They both come from Thailand. They must be related.