Pump Stump

Actually I mean Pumpkin Stumps, hahaha! It’s not that funny. Our pumpkin plants stubbornly refused to set flowers, let alone fruit. So today Mummy was in a bad mood and chopped them all off. Here are their remains:


For some reason Mummy left the fert bottle in the soil. She is in a very very bad mood so I have not asked why?


The Tree Lizard Flies Again

That title is a bit misleading. We have a tree lizard in our pumpkins (ok, pumpkin plant, there are no pumpkins there at all) but I do not think it is the same tree lizard as the one before.

Its expression is quite different, kind of looking forward to the future:

Close up of Handsome

But look at its tail! It has a right angle in it! (I just learned about angles in geometry at school and The Big Sister gave me her set square and protractor).

Tree Lizard with Kink in Tail


Happy Halloween!!!

Isn’t our pumpkin handsome? Our neighbour’s daughter carried it ALL THE WAY HOME on the bus from the American School. They brought in a container of pumpkins for carving! Daddy carved it. He had to watch a youtube video on “How to Carve a Pumpkin” first. Then he ordered all of us around for the rest of the afternoon to bring him knives, scrapers, bleach, pails, plastic bags, colanders, baking trays… But he did a good job!

Multiracial Pumpkins

My Grandma gave me a plate of seeds, all taken from an unidentified pumpkin that Novice Gardener said was a Queensland Blue. We germinated some, then transplanted  some into a pot, and gave some to Novice Gardener. Hers grew much faster than ours. She got buds long before we got long vines! That is Just NOT Fair. Curious Gardener said it is because Novice Gardener’s garden is the right micro-climate for pumpkin development.

Our garden is the right climate for racial harmony. From the same mummy pumpkin, germinated and transplanted at the same time, and all growing in the same pot and sharing the same trellis, we have the eurasian, chinese and indian pumpkin plants. Just look for yourself. Can you explain this to me???

The Second Midget Butternut

The Big Sister is very short. She is 10 years [errata: The Big Sister says 9.5 years] older than I am but I am already up to her shoulder. She always yells at me when I remind her, and she says “Good things come in small packages” and “Small but Perfect”.

Now our butternut is going the way of The Big Sister. Look at it on Mummy’s new scale that she bought today!