Reptile Residents

We have always been fond of the tree lizard that lived in our long beans and various other plants, and his more visionary friend that lived in our pumpkin plants.

I told you that our neighbour put up 6 lovely trellises for Mummy, right? When the trellis went up, a skinny lizard staked out his territory and sat balefully on a naked trellis. It must have been hot and uncomfortable but he sat it out.

Staking it out

Rather like the Pioneer Generation, don’t you think? He knew good times were coming.

True enough, the bittergourd plants grew lush and lusher, all around him.

FTL - Fatter Tree Lizard

Grandma is very unhappy about Mr Lizard being amongst the bittergourds. She thinks he will eat the bittergourds or the leaves or the vines. I told her lizards are insectivores but she claims he looks much much more padded out so he must be eating the plants. This reminds me of The Big Sister who says it is no point claiming that salad is diet food. Just look at pandas!

Chilli Godzilli

Remember my chilli plants which were hit by the plague then recovered from their affliction? They have gone from strength to strength and have been removing the lining of everyone’s tummies (except mine and The Big Sister’s, we don’t like spicy food much). Our family thinks that these chillies can take paint off, but my Pediatrician’s nurse, Aunty Jeanie, sniffed and said they are placebos. Aunty Jeanie’s tummy must be lined with cement!

These Chilli Godzillies are still in their original small pot with a few mealies! Here is a birds-eye view of birds-eye Thai chillies:

Birds Eye Chillis

And just to show you how monstrous they are, here is a close-up shot:


The Big Sister has recently become a movie buff, because her exams are over so she has Too Much Free Time. She went to watch Godzilla with her friend who is a boy (you know what I mean??). Can you believe she picked the movie? This is the same Big Sister whose all-time favourite movie is Tangled and who watched Frozen 100 times. Anyway she was very cross when the movie started and Godzilla appeared. Apparently she got confused between Godzilla and King Kong, and was looking forward to a movie about gorillas.

Now you understand why she isn’t ready for her driving test even thogh she’s been having lessons for a year? Anyway her medical school friends were very kind to her and brought her to some shop and taught her the differences between King Kong and Godzilla. The simplest one is King Kong has fur. Godzilla does not. Just in case The Big Sister forgets, her friends made her take a photo of both Godzilla and King Kong.


What Tree is This?

See the 2 trees side by side?

Twin Trees

Do they look like the same plant to you? In case it isn’t obvious, let me show you each tree separately. Here’s one (the one on the left):

Singular Papaya

And here’s the other (the one on the right):

Plural Papayas

OK, they are both papaya trees, that’s obvious. One has a single fruit. The other has many fruit. Singular and Plural. The Big Sister yells at me when I get my verbs wrong because I get confused between singular and plural. But guess what. She asked me when the mango would be ready for eating!!!



The Big Sister’s favourite cartoon when she was little was Arthur. I have read all the Arthur books but am not so fond of the cartoons, although I have watched “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas” one million times EVERY CHRISTMAS because she forces me to watch with her.

Arthur is an aardvark. His best friend is a rabbit called Buster. Buster eats everything! One day his mum brought him to a fancy French restaurant and there was a bouquet of parsley to garnish the salad. He asked the waiter what it was and the waiter said garnish. Buster ate it with great relish and then said “Mmmmm I like garnish!”.

I like all my greens and when our helper doesn’t cook enough vegetables, I eat raw coriander and spring onion off the stalk. So Grandpa grew this for me…. Mmmmm I like garnish too!



Remember Jonah?

When I was in Australia on holiday, I went to my QQ’s church. QQ means younger brother of my mother in case you are not Chinese. Anyway, one week at church, their pastor spoke about Jonah. Everyone knows that story, right? He disobeyed God and was swallowed by a whale who spat him out in the end (I am not surprised the whale spat him out, I would too). After all that trauma (I learned about trauma from The Big Sister – her driving instructor has been traumatized by her) Jonah decided to be a good man and go do what God wanted him to.

QQ’s pastor had a very low opinion of Jonah. But never mind that. One part of the story that you may not know is that God gave Jonah a leafy plant to shade him from the sun. According to Mummy, no one really knows what that plant was. I think it must have been a banana. Look at our baby banana tree (the baby of our big banana tree that gave us our whale-sized bananas). Just look at the size of its leaves! Jonah would have been a lucky man to be given our banana tree!

Shade, Blessed Shade!

Like an Elephant's Ear