G’s Garden Beans

Here they are! They are tiny but I am sure they will grow bigger soon.



Bean #1





Bean #2 (it’s not the big out of focus one, it’s in focus behind – I remembered macro)





Last but not least, here is Bean #3!!!


The Return of the Prodigal Son

From the Mother Weed: The Weed could not wait to return to his garden today, after his weekend away. Hardly had we dropped our bags before he disappeared into the garden, armed with kitchen scissors. And here is his loot:

For the record, the pumpkin weighed in at 690g on our fancy-schmancy electronic scales. Just like the kids, skinny.

And with the harvesting of the firstborn pumpkin, we are now anxiously scrutinizing the other vines for signs of female flowers/baby pumpkins…2 female flowers are on the useless Far East Flora generic pumpkin but we are not expecting anything from that plant.


My Friend G’s Garden Beans

Remember my friend who visited my school, who grew beans and pumpkins and lettuce and labelled them all with her sister V’s name and her name?

Her garden beans are looking good!!! See the flowers? And guess what, I am going to visit my friend in 2 weeks’ time! I hope I will be able to bring some vegetables for her (although she does not like vegetables).

Crispy Simba

Someone please help. Our Simbas have been dying off one by one. Their leaves get thinner, then curl, then become brown and crispy. We water them regularly. They are in the same area as our long beans and the garden beans. The long beans and garden beans are growing growing growing, but not the Simbas!!!

See? It’s crispy and crackly, just like Godma’s siew yoke!

G vs V

Remember I told you my new friend planted clumps of pumpkin, garden beans and lettuce? (Maybe I forgot to tell you about the lettuce!). She labelled them with her name (G) and her sister’s name (V), and I promised to switch the labels around to make sure her plants were always better than her sister’s.

Anyway, her plants are doing better all by themselves (except for the lettuce).

Garden Beans (photo below): G vs B, G wins (G bean clump is on the right, see how much bigger that clump is?)


Pumpkin (photo above): G vs V, G wins (G pumpkin plants are on the left)

Lettuce (photo right): G vs B, B won but I switched labels so G wins again!!! (oops forgot to take a photo of the V lettuce, never mind, you have to take my word for it)


And the winner is….. G!!!!!! Yay!!!!!