Gardening Consultancy Follow Up Photos

My blog administrator’s trainer’s vegetable garden is doing very, very well. She is serious about watering and fertilizing.

Here is the kaboucha, with its huge leaves:






Here is the corn below left (a bit yellow though) and the luffa below right:









And finally, here are the long beans. See how cleverly they linked the wire grids so that the long bean can go around the corner?

Gardening Consultancy Photos

I promised to get photos of the results of my consultancy services. The flower garden lady kindly sent 2! Thank you, kind flower garden lady! One is of the sunflowers and the other, the marigolds.

I really should tell her about using cut off mineral water bottle collars for the sunflowers!

Consultancy Services Update

Remember last weekend I went round to 2 gardens to provide consultancy services? Well, the garden owners are very happy with my work. The flower garden lady said everything was sprouting. The hanging garden owner said the long beans have popped up and 2 okras have too! I will ask them for some photos to post.

I am going away this weekend, but when I come back, I will go to these 2 gardens to make sure everything is doing well. Especially the vegetable garden, because my blog administrator and the owner are not experienced. For example they do not know about staking plants.

Consultancy Services

This weekend I was very busy. On Saturday I had to go and do a flower garden for Mummy’s friend. I taught her how to prepare her pots (nets at the bottom, layer of clay beads, Tref) and sow flower seeds (french marigold, wallflowers, cornflowers, sultan touch-me-nots and many sunflowers).

Today I had to do a vegetable garden for my blog administrator’s trainer. I think he is also her friend although he seems to make her carry dumbballs around. I brought some germinated seedlings: kaboucha pumpkin, wintermelon, angled luffa, corn. I sowed lettuce, kangkong, simba beans, long beans, okra, sugar snap peas, chilli. I hope he looks after them properly.

All the pots are hanging from a grid on the garden wall. Mummy forgot to take a photo of the new vegetable garden wall. When my blog administrator’s trainer sends her the photo, she will upload it here, ok?

Here they are!