What Tree is This?

See the 2 trees side by side?

Twin Trees

Do they look like the same plant to you? In case it isn’t obvious, let me show you each tree separately. Here’s one (the one on the left):

Singular Papaya

And here’s the other (the one on the right):

Plural Papayas

OK, they are both papaya trees, that’s obvious. One has a single fruit. The other has many fruit. Singular and Plural. The Big Sister yells at me when I get my verbs wrong because I get confused between singular and plural. But guess what. She asked me when the mango would be ready for eating!!!


Maybe Mummy Does Not have to Back Down

Byebye MangoRemember I posted that Mummy had to back down over growing fruit trees?

Maybe she won’t over the mango. Grandpa says the Harum Manis mango tree¬†grows to at least 4 stories in height (that’s 12 metres!!!). Mummy says no way that mango sprout is leaving its small pot.

In case you’ve forgotten, here it is in its small pot:


Mummy Has to Back Down

Mummy has always nixed the idea of growing fruit trees. She blames me for it, because she says fruit trees take a long time to set fruit and she claims I like Instant Gratification.


Banana FlowerBut she has now been forced to put up with 3 types of fruit trees. See the banana and papaya plants above? The banana suckers came from Grandpa’s garden. They are meant to be miniature, 4-foot banana plants when fully grown. They are currently about 8 foot tall. And guess what else??? The mother plant is setting fruit already! Look!

The papaya tree was grown from seed – our helper threw a handful of seeds from a delicious pawpaw that the Big Sister’s godpa gave us into our worm farm, and many little seedlings grew up. I bugged Mummy to let one grow up, since Novice Gardener’s nephew had ever so many papaya trees (not any more though!)

DSC_1738As if that wasn’t making Mummy cross enough, our helper also threw a few mango pits into the worm farm, from the Harum Manis mangoes that we were given. I love Harum Manis. So guess what happened? They sprouted, what else.

In case you want to know more about Harum Manis, click here.

Poor Mummy! She is now a fruit farmer’s mother, not just a vegetable farmer’s mother! But I think she will be ok. She says “Win Some, Lose Some”. It’s a good thing she doesn’t go to the casino.