G vs V

Remember I told you my new friend planted clumps of pumpkin, garden beans and lettuce? (Maybe I forgot to tell you about the lettuce!). She labelled them with her name (G) and her sister’s name (V), and I promised to switch the labels around to make sure her plants were always better than her sister’s.

Anyway, her plants are doing better all by themselves (except for the lettuce).

Garden Beans (photo below): G vs B, G wins (G bean clump is on the right, see how much bigger that clump is?)


Pumpkin (photo above): G vs V, G wins (G pumpkin plants are on the left)

Lettuce (photo right): G vs B, B won but I switched labels so G wins again!!! (oops forgot to take a photo of the V lettuce, never mind, you have to take my word for it)


And the winner is….. G!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Lettuce Farming

My new friend who is staying with us for a week harvested some lettuce with me. Actually Mummy said to thin out the lettuces but we got excited and pulled them ALL OUT. Here is our harvest. The photo is blurry because Grandma took it and she is not too good at phones and cameras.

Anyway, here is the lettuce cooked for my dinner. My new friend does not like vegetables so she dumped it all on my plate! We told her to tell all her friends back home that in Singapore, she had to harvest her own food or not have anything to eat!