Apple Cucumber II

Remember my post on the apple cucumber? It’s flowering now, and you can just see the little bud behind.  According to the Thompson & Morgan website (I think that’s where Novice Gardener got the seeds from), apple cucumbers are supposed to be really yummy. So I hope we we get at least ONE apple cucumber to taste.

Hourglass Cucumber

Here is the cucumber growing on our neighbour’s side of the fence. It is very sexy  attractive. It has an hourglass shape! I can tell you who in our family does NOT have an hourglass shape but she will KILL me so I better not.

Mummy thought the cucumber wasn’t pollinated properly so that’s why it is shaped so oddly. But the reason (from my gardening books my Pediatrician gave me for my birthday) is that it the plant was deprived of water then given a lot of water, so the fruit develops irregularly.


We have 2 lovely female zucchini flowers, but believe it or not, this time we have absolutely no male flowers! I told Mummy since they are in the same family as our cucumbers, to use the cucumber boys to pollinate the zucchini girls.



If this is successful, we will have a cucchini! Mummy says maybe we should pollinate it with the bicolour corn from Taiwan, then we would have a bicchini. Get it? Bikini!