We’re Purutting Too!

Novice Gardener has recently posted about her kaffir limes. Not to be outdone, our kaffir lime plant which Mummy stuffed into a very small pot, decided to produce flowers and fruit too. Aren’t the flowers pretty?

Purut Blossoms

Just look at the limes, don’t they look just like beads? I wonder when they will get all bumpy like proper kaffir limes?

Lime Beads

And finally, my masterpiece artistic shot:


Since the lime plant was so obliging about keeping up with the Novice Gardener, I pleaded with Mummy to promote it to a bigger pot. Mummy was purutty in my hands and so the plant is now in a huge pot. I hope you are not purutoff by my puns!!


Flowers before Fruit

In my last post I said spring wasn’t as exciting for fruit and vegetables. In spring, the trees put out all their flowers, to get ready for summer and autumn fruit. It’s not very exciting, but it’s very pretty. Here is the lime tree:

And here is the mango tree:




Return after Plantsitting, Discharge from Plant Hospital

Remember my post about plantsitting for phoodietravelogue? Well, they returned (ok, one of them returned) from their long vacation. Yesterday we sent the plants back to their own home. As you can see:

The lime plant that was so sick recovered even more! It went home with a clean bill of health (see right)!

Then the rosemary also went home in good health, although it was still leaning over in the same direction. I think it is a special horizontal breed of rosemary (see below):

And last of all, here is the pruned basil below:


PS I forgot to confess. The mint died! Mummy thought of replacing it with a pot from Far East Flora but decided not to. Because when The Big Sister was little, she left her guinea pig (called Henry the Second) with her school friend while she went on vacation. Unfortunately Henry the Second died. The Big Sister’s friend was so worried, she bought another replacement guinea pig! Unfortunately it looked quite different so even The Big Sister noticed!!! Anyway the story had a happy ending. Henry the Third was a much nicer guinea pig than Henry the Second, Mummy said. Unfortunately (this post is a very unfortunate one), The Big Sister developed a guinea pig allergy and Henry the Third had to be given away (and The Big Sister cannot become a vet).

Lime Hospital

Look at phoodietravelogue’s sick lime! It has been attacked by red spider mites and lime caterpillars!




This is the lime caterpillar – it is small, chubby and black. I like it but the lime does not.





Grandpa is the plant surgeon! He is cutting off the bad bits. He left only bare twigs which we are now treating with white oil. Godma’s husband is a surgeon too. When we complain that anything hurts, he says “Amputate it!”. This is why The Big Sister and I never complain when we have a headache!