Mummy Has to Back Down

Mummy has always nixed the idea of growing fruit trees. She blames me for it, because she says fruit trees take a long time to set fruit and she claims I like Instant Gratification.


Banana FlowerBut she has now been forced to put up with 3 types of fruit trees. See the banana and papaya plants above? The banana suckers came from Grandpa’s garden. They are meant to be miniature, 4-foot banana plants when fully grown. They are currently about 8 foot tall. And guess what else??? The mother plant is setting fruit already! Look!

The papaya tree was grown from seed – our helper threw a handful of seeds from a delicious pawpaw that the Big Sister’s godpa gave us into our worm farm, and many little seedlings grew up. I bugged Mummy to let one grow up, since Novice Gardener’s nephew had ever so many papaya trees (not any more though!)

DSC_1738As if that wasn’t making Mummy cross enough, our helper also threw a few mango pits into the worm farm, from the Harum Manis mangoes that we were given. I love Harum Manis. So guess what happened? They sprouted, what else.

In case you want to know more about Harum Manis, click here.

Poor Mummy! She is now a fruit farmer’s mother, not just a vegetable farmer’s mother! But I think she will be ok. She says “Win Some, Lose Some”. It’s a good thing she doesn’t go to the casino.