One Down, One to Go

I have 2 troughs of sharks fin melons, the ones from Godma’s market melon, and the one from phoodietravelogue. The one from Godma never produced anything but leaves. The one from phoodietravelogue produced what looked like flower buds, but they never became flowers.

Mummy accidentally on purpose got rid of the entire trough of Godma’s market melon plants. She is still muttering about plants’ jobs producing fruit and not just wasting her space and oxygen. She also mutters something similar about children’s jobs producing good results at school.

Anyway, it looks like the logo I designed for phoodietravelogue and my sharks fin melon business won’t be used.


Sharks Fin Melon

Do you think one is a leaf bud, and the other a flower bud? Mummy says both are leaf buds and the plant should be chopped up. She does not like waiting.

PS these are the sharks fin melon plants from phoodietravelogue’s mummy in England.

Sharks Fin Melon (2)

Remember my market sharks fin melon from Godma? Well Mummy was worried about how viable the seeds were (in the end they were very viable) so she asked phoodietravelogue whose mummy and sisters are sharks fin melon experts to get me some of their seeds. Phoodietravelogue brought the seeds back, all the way from England, and we popped them into some soil.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They germinated really fast, and their stems were super thick and sturdy. Here is one of the 5 we germinated, after only 5 days!!!  Thank you, phoodietravelogue!

PS phoodietravelogue thinks we can market the seeds in fancy packets. We will call ourselves the ChanSharx and label our packets “Exclusive Seeds from the ChanSharx”. Her family name is Chan, you see. Would anyone like some seeds? Or the spare seedling we have (below):

Sharks Fin Melon (1)

Do you know what a sharks fin melon is? It belongs to the same family as the wintermelon. It is round and has dark green, pale green and cream coloured stripes all over. It looks a bit like a watermelon except that it has more light green than dark green. You can buy it at NTUC in slices. When Mummy cooks it in soup, the flesh comes apart in noodley bits, just like sharks fin.

Anyway we all like it (except Grandpa who says it is tasteless), and I read that it is very easy to grow (in England, anyway) so we decided to grow some. Unfortunately the melons at NTUC are all very young so we did not think the seeds would be viable. Godma said she would ask her market vegetable man for a whole, old melon. Her vegetable man thought she was crazy but agreed to ask his supplier. Eventually he got one for Godma and she brought it over. It was 6kg!!!! We put it in the sun to dry it out a bit and when our neighbours praised us for the melon they thought we grew, Mummy smiled and thanked them but I told them the truth!!!

See the plants? We germinated more but I gave them away (2 died though).